Dollar General Accidents in Florida

At Wolfson & Leon, we help people injured while shopping at discount stores, malls, and supermarkets. Find out if we can help you by calling Wolfson & Leon today at 305-285-1115. The severe injuries caused by a Dollar General accident are often painful. They can take weeks, even months, to recover from. They can prevent you from working, which brings more financial stress to your family. Were you hurt while shopping at your local Dollar General store? You may require extensive medical care and recovery time when you are gravely injured in a Dollar General accident. Your injuries may prevent you from working. You should speak with a best Dollar General accident lawyer when you have been badly hurt.

Common Dollar General Accidents

Founded in 1939, Dollar General is a discount store selling food, cleaning products, office supplies, and personal items. With over 18,000 neighborhood stores located in 47 states, Dollar General is frequented by thousands of shoppers looking to save money. Over 200 Dollar General stores are located throughout Florida, including Miami, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Fort Lauderdale.

Their no-frills business model helps lower operating costs with smaller stores and fewer workers. And by keeping costs low, Dollar General can pass more savings along to its customers.

Discount stores may attract shoppers with low prices, but many people don’t realize that the store’s low-cost model can pose risks. Some of the most common Dollar General accidents include;

  • Restocking: Since employees may be pulled away to help customers, there is a greater chance that carts and boxes may be left in the aisles while shelves are being restocked. Packing materials that are not picked up, such as cardboard, tags, or other debris, may cause someone to trip or slip and fall on the floor.
  • Slips and falls: Entrances wet from the rain or mats not adequately secured to the floor could cause someone to slip and fall.
  • Falling merchandise: With products stacked on high shelves, shoppers may be hit by falling merchandise. Product displays that are not secure could fall and hit people walking down the aisles.
  • Blocked walkways: If walkways are blocked with stock carts, shoppers may not be able to exit the store safely if there is an emergency. Cluttered aisles may lead to serious injury if fire extinguishers or other safety equipment are not easily accessible.

Hurt While Shopping at Dollar General?

No one expects to get hurt shopping at Dollar General. But if you slip or are hit by falling merchandise, you could be seriously injured. Some of the most common Dollar General injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken or crushed bones
  • Torn or sprained ligaments
  • Neck, back, or shoulder injuries
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Muscle strains

If you were injured while visiting the Dollar General located at 10422 NW 7th Avenue in Miami, 14395 Palm Beach Blvd. in Fort Myers, or any other Dollar General store in southern Florida, you should reach out to Wolfson & Leon for help. Call us today at 305-285-1115 for a free and confidential evaluation of your case.

Why Call a Dollar General Accident Lawyer?

Dollar General and other discount retailers want to pay out as little as possible when shoppers get hurt. Often, these large stores may offer to settle quickly when people are badly hurt. But if you settle before you know the extent of your injuries or what rights you have when you have been injured, you could get far less than what you are entitled to. And if your injuries are worse than expected or it takes you longer to recover, a low settlement may cause considerable financial stress on you and your family.

If you were gravely injured at a Dollar General or any other store, we invite you to contact us today to learn what rights you may have. At Wolfson & Leon, our Dollar General accident lawyers take the time to listen, answer questions, and explain what legal options may be available when you have been seriously hurt. Schedule your no-cost consultation today by calling 305-285-1115. We humbly serve anyone injured in Florida in their claim for fair compensation including the localities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, Vero Beach, Jacksonville, Tampa, Sarasota, Naples and Orlando.

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