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In Florida, insurance companies and adjusters are governed by a set of rules and regulations designed to protect consumers and ensure fair and ethical practices in the insurance industry. These rules are primarily outlined in the Florida Insurance Code and are enforced by the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS).

Here are the key aspects of the rules that govern insurance companies and adjusters in Florida:

  1. Prohibited Actions: Insurance companies and adjusters in Florida are prohibited from engaging in certain actions, including:·E-2023-07-22-16.16.29-injured-family-looking-at-lawyer-digital-art.pngHow long it takes to settle a car accident case depends on various factors, including the severity of the injury, accident complexity, insurance types involved, potential lawsuits, and client expectations. Car accidents, being a significant cause of death among young individuals, have also led to escalating health expenditure worldwide. While accidents happen suddenly, settling car accident cases can take considerable time due to certain priorities that need addressing before focusing on legal matters, such as providing treatment to victims and determining fault.

Car injury claims may sometimes take an extended period to resolve, leading to frustration for those facing medical bills, lost wages, and property damages during the lengthy compensation process. However, it’s essential to understand that certain factors beyond the legal team’s control can contribute to the extended timeline. Depending on the circumstances, a car accident case can stretch on for years.

What Takes So Long?

Revel-3Revel electric mopeds are now available for rent in a specifically designated area of Miami. There are 750 rental mopeds available in Miami and Revel has approximately 30 employees to provide service to the mopeds and for the customers. But what happens when someone is injured in a Revel moped accident? The answer is not entirely clear. That is why the Miami Revel Accident Lawyers at Wolfson & Leon are standing by to help any person injured in a Revel moped accident. If you were injured in a Revel electric moped accident, call the Miami car accident attorneys at Wolfson & Leon at (305) 285-1115 for your free consultation.

Revel Rental Mopeds Now in Miami

The list of locations, aside from Miami, that Revel rents mopeds in includes Queens and Brooklyn in New York; Oakland California; Austin Texas; and Washington DC. The mopeds provided by Revel are made by NIU Technologies which is based in China.

RampWhen people think of auto insurance, they probably think of the comprehensive and collision insurance. But, most do not actually full understand the terms. So, what is the difference?

Comprehensive and collision insurance are two of the most common types of auto insurance that are offered to repair damaged vehicles. The two insurances, however, act very differently as they cover different types of damage.

Comprehensive car insurance is meant for damages which are caused by non-collision-related damages. So, anything that deals with inclement weather or theft or vandalism. Collision insurance, on the other hand, is meant for damages just caused by collisions. In both types of insurance, the coverage may include individual repairs or a full replacement of your vehicle.

Flat-Iron-MiamiShopping for car insurance is certainly not something that people look forward to. But, it is important for people to know exactly what goes into the calculation of insurance rates.

To many, insurance policies can be a confusing jumble of technical words and differing prices that do not make any sense. There is, however, an actual logic to the process. Companies use complex algorithms based on personal factors to determine how likely it is that you will have an accident. The idea behind all of the factors is that the higher risk, the higher the rates.

Most people know that your insurance rate is highly affected by the amount of coverage a person chooses and the amount of deductibles a person chooses. In general, a person can reduce their rates by choosing lower amounts of coverage or by raising their deductibles.

Miami-RooftopFlorida may soon make some dramatic changes to the realm of auto insurance.

Auto insurance is not exactly an exciting topic of conversation, but several states around the U.S. have recognized that a significant portion of drivers are uninsured, putting drivers who are insured at high risk. A few states’ legislators have started considering investing considerable money in programs to help local governments combat this increasingly serious issue.

Just how bad is the problem? According to a 2018 study by the Insurance Research Council, an industry-funded not-for-profit research organization, which was co-sponsored by The Hanover Insurance Group, almost thirteen percent of all U.S. motorists were uninsured in 2015. Put another way, almost one in eight drivers are uninsured. The 2015 rate was an increase from the 2010 rate which was just above twelve percent.

You might be surprised by this but Instacart doesn’t provide commercial automobile insurance coverage for its drivers. As a result, most Instacart drivers will not be insured. The Instacart driver may have their own car insurance, but unless they disclosed to the insurer that they were using that vehicle for commercial purposes then the personal car insurer is likely to deny coverage.

The only remaining option is for the Instacart driver to purchase and pay for their own commercial policy of insurance – and that is extremely unlikely as it is not required by law and the cost of a commercial policy is prohibitive. After all, we are talking about hard-working people trying to hustle and make a few bucks by shopping and delivering food for people.

Instacart in Florida

Unfortunately, it is common to see many people drive around Florida roads with their eyes fixed on the phone screen and typing with their thumbs, while not paying enough attention to what’s going on in front of them. Although everyone knows about the dangers of this habit, no one seems to care. Maybe it has something to do with driver’s carelessness, or maybe with weak Florida texting while driving laws as well. Unlike most American states, in the Sunshine State, a police officer cannot pull you off for doing any activity with your phone, no matter how dangerous it is.

Now that is about to change. A new bill aiming to hit drivers’ damaging texting habits and save lives from distracted driving is expected to be passed in the next few days. It will make texting while driving a primary offense, allowing law enforcement officers to stop reckless drivers guilty of this offense. With that, Florida will join other 43 states that regulate this issue in the same manner.

Existing Florida Texting and Driving Laws 

rear_end_collisionMaybe this isn’t news to you, but for the second year in a row Florida was ranked first in having the worst drivers in the country.

Miami car accident lawyers deal with the effects caused by bad drivers every day. Clients are faced with the ripple effect of an automobile crash – the property damage; the insurance companies; medical bills; and loss of income. Car crashes impact more than the driver and passengers. A car accident will likely affect families, friends and coworkers. That is why anyone involved in a car wreck should consult with the best Miami car accident attorney that they can find.

Florida – Home of the Second Lowest Number of Insured Drivers

Car_crash_2In March of 2017, a Lyft driver in Miami was killed in a Little Havana accident. The other driver was charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) for being high on crystal meth and cocaine. There were four passengers in the Lyft driver’s vehicle who were taken to the hospital. The family and survivors of the deceased driver and the passengers would benefit from the advice of a Lyft car accident attorney in Miami. These victims all face a potentially complex situation of insurance coverage.

Nicholas Castelao was ultimately charged with DUI manslaughter for driving while high on crystal meth. The Lyft driver he killed was Robert Torra. The accident happened in the residential area at the intersection of SW 25th Avenue and SW 17th Street. Castelao told a nurse at Jackson Memorial that he was high on meth. In addition, the investigating officers found a drug pipe near the vehicle after the accident. At the hospital, a nurse’s aide found 3 bags of drugs in the pockets of Castelao.

It is so sad that the selfish decision to drive while under the influence tragically impacted the Lyft driver and his four passengers. Not only were those folks affected, their families and friends also felt the impact. The unintended consequences of a tragic car accident extend far and wide.

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