Jerome H. Wolfson Honored

Jerome H. Wolfson, Esq. has been a personal injury lawyer for over 50 years.  And recently he was honored by the Florida Bar for his many years of practice.  Mr. Wolfson has represented Plaintiff victims since he began his practice.  Being a lawyer for 50 years gives you tremendous perspective.  He has learned from many trials and cases what works and what doesn’t.  Mr. Wolfson estimates that he has handed over 10,000 cases from beginning to end.  And if you ask him about a case from 25 years ago, he will most likely be able to tell you what happened in the accident, who was at fault, and how the Plaintiff did in his or her recovery.
personal injury lawyer

Mr. Wolfson started from humble beginnings in Long Branch, New Jersey.  He drove fruit trucks on the overnight shift and played baseball for Drew University as a second basemen.  Today, he enjoys practicing law with his son, Jonah Wolfson, Esq.  Jonah understands the tremendous opportunity to learn from a lawyer with so many cases under his belt.  Whether it is a car accident or slip and fall, Mr. Wolfson has handled a case similar or like yours.

Wolfson & Leon is proud to celebrate 50 years of practicing law for Jerome H. Wolfson, Esq.  Take a look at the links below to see the recognition.


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