The Question for Parents: Uber or a Car for Teens

In today’s world, many teenagers are choosing Uber over driver’s licenses. Not surprisingly, many parents are in agreement with this choice. In homes all over Miami and in South Florida, families are discussing the safety and economics of using Uber instead of owning, maintaining, insuring another vehicle in the household.

Miami Uber accident attorneys have also had this discussion with clients. In the course of helping accident victims in South Florida, our personal injury lawyers in Miami meet with the parents of teenagers who are coming of driving age. Our Uber car accident attorneys in Miami usually discuss the legal responsibilities and obligations of Uber or Lyft after an accident no matter whether it is a driver or passenger. But increasingly, parents are curious about our Miami personal injury lawyers’ opinion on the issue of using Uber as a primary transportation choice for their children.

As for the legal perspective, Uber and other companies like it are required to maintain $1 million of insurance that may be available to Uber drivers and passengers. But because this is a new area of the law, many issues remain to be decided by the courts. Our Uber injury lawyers anticipate considerable litigation on issues involving insurance coverage for bodily injury, uninsured motorist, and personal injury protection benefits. Uber insurance coverage issues will not only involve the insurance provided by Uber, but also the insurance of other drivers and passengers.

A convincing argument can be made from an economic standpoint that Uber and other companies like it such as Lyft, are a better choice for transportation. By using Uber, there are none of the usual expenses of car ownership. As we all know, insurance rates are highest for young drivers (16 to 25) and most people cannot afford $1 million in insurance. Add the cost of gasoline, repairs, tags and title then it is clear the simple act of owning a vehicle can be costly under the best of circumstances.

Our Miami Uber car accident lawyers provide advice and information to parents and their children on Uber policies such as the gun and firearm policy of Uber. We also help people understand what to do when and if they have an accident involving Uber or Lyft in Miami or anywhere in South Florida.

While Uber is a relatively new concept, the basics of what to do following any car accident remain the same. You should get medical care if needed; take photographs and video of the scene and the property damage; and then get the best Uber accident lawyer you can find in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach.

Based on the news coverage it seems clear to many that the goal of Uber and other companies is to ultimately have a fleet of driverless cars providing transportation to the general public. This is not a national issue, but rather a global one as Uber and other companies fight for market share all over the world.

In conclusion, it is easy to see why so many teenagers and their families are choosing Uber over a driver’s license and a personal vehicle. On the plus side, most Uber drivers and passengers have more insurance coverage available to them then they would normally be able to afford.

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