Accident-Lawyer News: Driver Flees After Killing Two People in Crash

Hit-and-runs are terrifying trends in the United States, especially because many victims may not have died if the driver had remained to provide aid or call for help. However, most drivers are prompted to leave the scene, either because they are breaking a law by driving without insurance or they are driving without a license.


Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine that many of these drivers actually get away with killing another person and just leaving them after a car accident. The sad truth is, many hit-and-run drivers do escape justice. Statistics for these sorts of trends are scarce, but the Chron reports that in at least one area of the country, approximately 50 percent of hit-and-run drivers are never found.

Florida police are avidly trying to find a driver after a particularly violent hit-and-run crash last week. WTSP News reports that the accident occurred at 3 a.m. and left two young women dead and third in the hospital.

The Driver and a Passenger Left the Scene of the Fatal Car Accident

Police say the three women were in a Saturn and making a left turn at a light when the driver of a Chrysler collided with them. The Chrysler was speeding and driving on the wrong side of the road at the time of the car accident.

The crash was so violent that the Saturn’s gas tank exploded, setting the entire car on fire. As the women began to burn in the car, the driver and passenger of the Chrysler drove away.

Several witnesses rushed to the burning vehicle and managed to pull two of the victims from the flames. One of them, Grace Lashawn Collier, is still alive and in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

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Local Residents Are Outraged at the Driver’s Callousness

Collier’s rescuers expressed disbelief that anyone could leave people to die in such a terrible accident. Police found the vehicle and its owner, but she said she’d lent the vehicle out to a friend. So far, the police have made no arrests.

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