Accidents at Family Dollar Stores

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Family Dollar stores are popular for their low prices and various products. You can pick out a few boxes of cereal, pick out towels for your bathroom, or grab a new pair of headphones. While no one expects to get hurt when shopping at a Family Dollar store, accidents can happen. You may be gravely injured if you slip on a wet floor or are hit by a display that topples over. Not only could you suffer from painful injuries requiring extensive medical care, but your family’s finances may suffer when you cannot work.

Family Dollar Store Injury

Family Dollar is a chain of neighborhood discount stores. With over 8,000 locations in 48 states, Family Dollar stores sell a wide range of products, including apparel, food and beverage, household supplies, electronics, and seasonal merchandise.

Family Dollar stores operate under a low-overhead, self-service philosophy to keep their prices low. The stores’ uniform design makes it easy for customers to find the products they want, which helps keep overhead costs low. Family Dollar has 572 locations in Florida. Whether you live in West Palm Beach, Tampa, or Miami, a Family Dollar store is bound to be near you.

To keep their prices low, Family Dollar stores are often smaller and employ fewer workers. While you can save money shopping at a discount store, it could be at the expense of your safety.

Accidents may happen while browsing through the aisles or walking up to the store. Common Family Dollar store accidents include:

  • Trip and fall accidents: Shoppers may trip and fall if aisles are cluttered with stock carts, packing materials, and other debris.
  • Slips and falls: Broken bottles, leaking refrigerators, or spilled drinks may result in a slip-and-fall accident. Shoppers can also slip on floor mats without the proper adhesive on the bottom or from rain splashing into the store entrance.
  • Parking lot accidents: Shoppers may trip and fall in a parking lot with uneven pavement, broken sidewalks, or potholes. Overgrown bushes or signs blocking a driver’s view could put pedestrians in danger as they walk through the lot.
  • Falling displays or products: Top-heavy or easy-to-knock-over displays could fall on a customer. Many stores stack products on tall shelves. If the merchandise isn’t properly stocked, it could be knocked loose and fall on a shopper.
  • Blocked aisles: If boxes or stock carts are left in the aisles, they can make it difficult for shoppers to exit the store safely in the event of an emergency.

What to Do When Hurt at a Family Dollar Store

If you are involved in an accident shopping at a Family Dollar Store, taking the following steps may help protect your rights if you are seriously hurt.

  • Report the accident to the Family Dollar store manager or employee in charge. Ask for a copy of the incident report they fill out to document your accident.
  • Document where the accident happened by taking pictures or videos of the area. Take photos of the site. It is helpful to get pictures or videos of anything that caused the accident, such as carts in the aisle or broken walkways.
  • If you spoke with any employees or know of witnesses who saw the accident, write down their names and phone numbers.

When your injuries are severe, you need to seek medical help immediately. A Family Dollar slip or trip and fall accident may cause head trauma, broken bones, or damage to your neck or back. A fallen display or products toppling over may result in broken or crushed bones or severe injuries to your head, neck, shoulders, or back.

You won’t always feel the effect of an injury until later that day. Sometimes, it can take a few days before you realize the extent of your injuries. So, it is always helpful to get checked out when involved in a Family Dollar store accident, even if you feel ok. If you don’t seek medical attention soon, you could worsen your injuries.

Lawyer for Family Dollar Injury Accidents

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