Car-Accident Lawyer News: Hit-and-Run Roundup

Florida has received a great deal of criticism for its hit-and-run laws. Specifically, many complain that the laws are too lenient, giving negligent drivers incentive to take their chances and flee the scene of the accident. Drunk drivers are especially likely to leave the scene because they can sober up and face little repercussions for fleeing.


The issue has become so widespread that many Floridians are so fed-up that they have been taking matters into their own hands and preventing would be hit-and-run drivers from leaving. Most of these good Samaritans follow the driver while calling the police, but bystanders of a recent accident in Fort Lauderdale took it one step further.

WSVN News reports that Ricardo Nord was speeding when he struck another car on the interstate. The crash forced the other car off the road and onto nearby railroad tracks. Fortunately, the engineer of an oncoming train managed to stop before striking the car.

Witnesses say Nord immediately tried to escape, but other drivers on the interstate boxed him in until police arrived. He faces charges of leaving the scene, driving with an expired license and driving carelessly. Additionally, the driver of the other vehicle who suffered injuries in the crash could file a personal-injury lawsuit against Nord.

Police Found Another Hit-and-Run Driver After He Posted a Video of the Crash to YouTube

Police arrested another driver in Florida last week after he left the scene of an accident and posted a video of the crash on the Internet. Police say Robert Kelley was most likely drunk when he decided to record himself driving recklessly on a busy road.

He struck multiple vehicles before driving into ditch. He suffered serious injuries but was alert enough to post the video footage to YouTube from his hospital bed, giving police the evidence that they needed to charge him with leaving the scene.

According to WFTV News, Kelley’s family confirmed that he is currently in therapy, but they would not elaborate.

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A New Bill May Make Drivers Think Twice Before Fleeing the Scene of an Accident

The Palm Beach Post reports that the Florida House unanimously voted in favor of a bill that would strengthen the laws against hit-and-run drivers. The bill now moves to the governor for final approval.

Under the new bill, drivers who cause a fatal accident and flee the scene will face a minimum sentence of four years in jail. Additionally, after accidents that cause injuries, hit-and-run drivers would face a three-year license suspension. The legislature hopes that the new law will prompt negligent drivers to remain on scene to provide aid and call for help, which could save lives.

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