Doctor, Healthcare Service and Medical Center Face Wrongful-Death Lawsuit

A recent case involving the death of a 78-year-old male, Kenneth Steadman, while under the care of a Florida medical center has brought serious medical malpractice claims back to the spotlight. In this situation, as reported by The Ledger, the elderly male died from complications involving an issue with blood clots in the lungs, or pulmonary thromboembolism.


Subsequent to an investigation into the matter, the man’s wife, Linda Steadman, has filed a civil lawsuit against all concerned, including the doctor, Lozano Internal Medicine Clinic, the Lake Wales Hospital Corporation and Lakeland Home Care Services. The amount claimed is $15,000.

Steadman and her personal-injury attorney believe the circumstances surrounding the case are clear indications of malpractice and improper procedure being followed. Ms. Steadman claims the healthcare providers incorrectly assessed her husband’s deteriorating condition.

With the assistance of a personal-injury lawyer, Ms. Steadman is now in a position to claim damages in a civil suit against all involved in her husband’s death. This is a field in which Wolfson & Leon, LLP have vast experience.

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Storefronts at High Risk for Personal Injuries

A recent incident at a Cumberland Farms convenience store highlights the surprisingly high number of storefront crashes that take place across the United States on a regular basis. In a story reported by Fair Warning, an elderly man suffered a stroke and lost control of his vehicle outside the convenience store, fatally crushing the 43-year-old victim against a wall inside the businesses.

According to Cumberland Farms, accidents such as these are alarmingly common, with nearly 500 similar incidents being reported across their large number of east coast convenience stores.

A personal-injury lawyer or car accident attorney is typically appointed in these instances to investigate the situation and to ensure that any negligent parties are held accountable. It may be that a lack of safety measures at the convenience store played a role in the accident, and this has been the grounds for successful claims over the years.

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