How the DMV Wants You to Act after a Crash in Florida

If you are in a Florida car crash, it is critical that you take certain steps following the accident. If you remain calm and rational at the scene, you will stay on the right side of the law, and you may improve your chances of success if you file a claim against any negligent drivers.


When to Call a Personal-Injury Lawyer

A Miami personal-injury lawyer can play an important role for any victims of a car accident. A qualified attorney can evaluate the circumstances surrounding the crash to determine if you have a valid claim against the negligent driver. You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

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Here are some suggestions from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles regarding how to act if you are in a serious car accident:

Stay at the Scene

Never leave the scene of a Florida accident without stopping to provide the other drivers with your information. Leaving the scene constitutes a hit-and-run, and you could face stiff penalties, including license suspension and even jail time.

Move to Safety

Stop as close to the scene of the crash as possible, but ensure that you and your car are safe. According to the DMV, you must move your car if it is blocking traffic, and if you cannot move it yourself, it is your responsibility to contact a towing company to do it for you.

Report the Crash

According to, you must report the crash to the authorities if there are injuries or if there is property damage in excess of $500. You can report the accident to your local sheriff or police department or to the Florida Highway Patrol. If there is a law enforcement officer on the scene of the crash, he or she will file the report.

Traffic Court

If a negligent driver caused the accident or if he or she broke any laws that resulted in the crash, the case may go to traffic court. According to the Florida DMV, traffic court will determine the penalties, and it may also require you to complete a traffic collision avoidance course. If the charges are serious, you will be able to defend yourself in court and explain to the judge what happened during the crash.

If you are suffering from the impact of a serious car accident, it is important to remember that you are not alone. A Miami personal-injury attorney may be able to help recover costs that you can put toward your medical expenses.

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