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At Wolfson & Leon, we help people severely hurt in Florida golf cart accidents. With nearly 60 years of experience working with personal injury cases, our Florida golf cart accident injury attorneys can help get the compensation you deserve when you have been gravely hurt. You can find out more when you call Wolfson & Leon for a free, no-obligation case analysis today at 305-285-1115 or 239-777-9954.

Were you hit by a golf cart as you walked through your neighborhood? Whether the golf cart driver was speeding or not paying attention, you should speak with a best Florida golf cart accident lawyer if you were gravely injured.

As a pedestrian, you can suffer painful injuries when hit by a golf cart. You may need costly medical care and be out of work while you recover. It just doesn’t seem fair that you bore the physical and financial burden of the accident when it was caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior.

Golf Carts and Homeowner Associations

If you were hit by a golf cart while walking around your neighborhood, your case might have added complexities. Some homeowner associations may allow golf carts to share common roads with cars, bikes, and pedestrians within their complex.

As such, the association may put rules in place to help ensure that its residents operate golf carts safely. Some associations may set a minimum age and only allow people with a driver’s license to use a golf cart throughout the property. Sometimes, the homeowner’s association may require the golf cart owner to carry insurance and sign a waiver.

Suppose the association does not implement policies that govern golf cart use. In that case, they could be found negligent if you were severely injured. Or, if the association doesn’t properly maintain the roads golf carts use when traveling, they could be liable in a golf cart accident. On the other hand, a homeowner’s association that fails to enforce its golf cart rules may share in the responsibility for the damages you endured.

For these reasons, speaking to a best Florida golf cart accident lawyer can be crucial to protecting your rights and recovering the damages you may be entitled to. If you were gravely injured when hit by a golf cart in your community, we encourage you to call Wolfson & Leon today at 305-285-11185 for your free consultation.

Pedestrian Injured in a Florida Golf Cart Accident

As a pedestrian, you can be badly hurt if hit by a golf cart. Despite most golf carts traveling at maximum speeds of 20 miles per hour, pedestrians can still experience painful injuries when hit. The crash’s impact can break bones or cause severe cuts and bruises.

Pedestrians knocked down to the ground can suffer from traumatic brain injuries that could impact their motor or cognitive abilities permanently. A golf cart that tips over and falls on a pedestrian can crush bones or cause damage to their internal organs.

You should seek immediate medical care for your injuries when hurt in a Florida golf cart accident. You may feel fine after an accident and think seeing a doctor isn’t necessary. Since it’s not always evident that you have been hurt in an accident, you could aggravate your injuries if you promptly seek medical care.

Damages in a Fort Myers Golf Cart Accident

When severely injured by a golf cart, you might be entitled to damages to pay for your medical treatment, such as hospital bills, doctor visits, medication, and physical rehabilitation. If you can’t work because you have been badly hurt, you could be reimbursed for wages you lost during your recovery.

For some people, their injuries may be so severe that it affects their future ability to earn a living. You could be awarded compensation for future wages lost, depending on your situation.

Florida Law Firm for Golf Cart Accidents

Pedestrians can suffer excruciating injuries when hit by a golf cart. If you were involved in a golf cart accident, you should take steps to protect your rights by calling a Florida golf cart accident law firm. Given your Florida golf cart accident circumstances, you may be awarded compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

Wolfson & Leon defends the rights of people badly hurt in Florida golf cart accidents. With our free consultation, you can ask questions and find out what legal remedies might be available. Contact our Florida golf cart accident lawyers for your free consultation by calling 305-285-1115 or 239-777-9954 today.

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