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If you’ve been involved in an Uber accident in Florida, you may be facing a challenging situation. A Florida Uber accident attorney can provide valuable assistance during this difficult time.

Uber accidents have unique characteristics compared to other motor vehicle accidents. The key factor in determining compensation depends largely on whether the Uber driver was actively working for Uber at the time of the accident. If they were, Uber’s substantial million-dollar umbrella insurance policy would cover your injuries and damages.

However, establishing liability in a Florida Uber accident can be a complex process. Injured victims require a dedicated lawyer who will vigorously advocate for their rights and pursue compensation after a significant ride sharing accident.

stairs3-200x300Slip and fall accidents are prevalent and can occur anywhere, from supermarkets and restaurants to construction sites and residential properties. These accidents often lead to severe injuries that necessitate immediate medical attention. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into the top five injuries caused by slip and fall accidents, providing comprehensive details, real-life examples, and the necessary medical treatments.

  1. Fractures and Broken Bones:

Fractures and broken bones are some of the most common injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents. When an individual loses their balance and lands with force on a specific body part, the bones may not withstand the impact, leading to fractures. Common areas prone to fractures are wrists, arms, hips, and ankles.

At Wolfson & Leon, we help people severely hurt in Florida golf cart accidents. With nearly 60 years of experience working with personal injury cases, our Florida golf cart accident injury attorneys can help get the compensation you deserve when you have been gravely hurt. You can find out more when you call Wolfson & Leon for a free, no-obligation case analysis today at 305-285-1115 or 239-777-9954.

Were you hit by a golf cart as you walked through your neighborhood? Whether the golf cart driver was speeding or not paying attention, you should speak with a best Florida golf cart accident lawyer if you were gravely injured.

As a pedestrian, you can suffer painful injuries when hit by a golf cart. You may need costly medical care and be out of work while you recover. It just doesn’t seem fair that you bore the physical and financial burden of the accident when it was caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior.

Buc-ee’s is an expansive convenience store and gas station located in the South. With aisles of food, merchandise, and other specialty items, it is an excellent place to stop while traveling or making your way home from work. Yet, with so much going on, accidents can happen. You might be hit by a car driving through the parking lot or slip inside the store.

Big corporations, like Buc-ee’s, often have legal teams whose sole job is to keep their costs down in the event of an accident. They may offer you a quick settlement or drag their feet when addressing your claim. Either way, this puts you at risk of not getting the monetary damages you are entitled to.

When you’ve been badly hurt in Buc-ee’s, or any other convenience store, you should reach out for help from the best Florida accident injury lawyer you can find. Our Florida personal injury lawyers have defended the rights of people hurt in car crashes, slips and falls, medication errors, and other accidents since 1963. If you’ve been gravely injured in an accident, call us today for a free evaluation of your case. There is no cost to find out what your rights are and what legal action you might be able to take. Call us right now at (305) 285-1115.

En marzo de 2017, un conductor de Lyft en Miami murió en un accidente en La Pequeña Habana. El otro conductor fue acusado de DUI (Manejar bajo la influencia) por estar drogado con metanfetamina y cocaína. Había cuatro pasajeros en el vehículo del conductor de Lyft que fueron llevados al hospital. La familia y los sobrevivientes del conductor fallecido y los pasajeros se beneficiarían del consejo de un abogado de accidentes automovilísticos de Lyft en Miami. Todas estas víctimas enfrentan una situación potencialmente compleja en cuanto a cobertura de seguro se refiere.

Nicholas Castelao fue acusado en última instancia de homicidio por DUI por conducir mientras consumía metanfetamina cristalina. El conductor de Lyft a quien mató era Robert Torra. El accidente ocurrió en el área residencial en la intersección de SW 25th Avenue y SW 17th Street. Castelao le dijo a una enfermera en Jackson Memorial que estaba drogado con metanfetamina. Además, los oficiales de investigación encontraron una pipa de droga cerca del vehículo después del accidente. En el hospital, una auxiliar de enfermería encontró 3 bolsas de drogas en los bolsillos de Castelao.

Es muy triste que la decisión egoísta de conducir bajo la influencia impactara trágicamente al conductor de Lyft y sus cuatro pasajeros. No solo se vieron afectadas esas personas, sus familias y amigos también sintieron el impacto. Las consecuencias involuntarias de un trágico accidente automovilístico se extienden por todas partes.

courtroom-300x225-300x225Amazon continues to expand into more and more areas of everyday life in this country. Recently, Amazon has made significant moves into the health care sector. Specifically, the company has started partnering with JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway to create a more streamlined and efficient method of providing health care to the company’s over 12 million employees.

In addition, Amazon also purchased PillPack in 2018. PillPack is an online startup company that specializes in mailing people’s prescriptions. The startup organizes, packages, and delivers medications to its customers. The medications come prepackaged together depending on when the client is supposed to take the medications. Significantly, PillPack owns the licenses to sell medications in 49 states, a necessity for any company trying to create a pharmaceutical business.

Amazon’s buyout of PillPack led many to speculate that Amazon is in the process of creating its own pharmacy. This speculation was backed up when Amazon started selling health care supplies on its B2B site, Amazon Business. Amazon Business reported an incredible $10 billion in sales in 2018.

Miami-RooftopFlorida may soon make some dramatic changes to the realm of auto insurance.

Auto insurance is not exactly an exciting topic of conversation, but several states around the U.S. have recognized that a significant portion of drivers are uninsured, putting drivers who are insured at high risk. A few states’ legislators have started considering investing considerable money in programs to help local governments combat this increasingly serious issue.

Just how bad is the problem? According to a 2018 study by the Insurance Research Council, an industry-funded not-for-profit research organization, which was co-sponsored by The Hanover Insurance Group, almost thirteen percent of all U.S. motorists were uninsured in 2015. Put another way, almost one in eight drivers are uninsured. The 2015 rate was an increase from the 2010 rate which was just above twelve percent.

Have you ever slipped and fell in a store? Then when you look you don’t see anything on the floor and wonder what happened. Like most people, you might feel embarrassed laying on the floor and start to think it was your fault. But it might not be after all. The Florida slip and fall lawyers at Wolfson & Leon in Miami may be able to help you prove that your slip and fall was actually caused by the store’s negligent maintenance procedures.

slip-and-fall-lawyers-300x184The determining factor that causes a person to slip and fall is oftentimes improper maintenance. Many cleaning compounds are based in soap or detergent. These materials use surfactants which are molecules that bring together grease and particles in a process commonly known as emulsification. This enables the grease and dirt to be washed up and away. But soap film can develop when the surface pore grease binds with the soap molecule residual. Polymerization can result when the soap film is further compounded by contaminants, minerals and soil. Soap or detergent-based products can produce and leave a soapy residue that may become slippery when wet. This can directly contribute to slip-and-fall incidents.

When a mop solution (water containing detergent) is applied, it emulsifies the soil and releases it from the surface. While suspended in the solution, the loosened soil should be easily removed by the mop, transferred into the dirty bucket and discarded. If pickup is incomplete, the soil-laden solution settles into the low spots on the floor. The water evaporates, leaving a residue of detergent and soil particles that attach firmly to the surface. Over time, if this cycle of incomplete cleaning is repeated, soil and detergent buildup becomes substantial and visible, especially when wet. Continuing such “slop mopping” can result in spreading this buildup to the remainder of the floor area.

accident-miami-300x225It’s bad enough when you are seriously injured in a crash of any kind. But when the driver leaves the scene, that is the definition of adding insult to injury. That is why law enforcement is working on programs to help reduce or solve the problem.

In Florida, 25% of all crashes in 2016 were hit-and-run accidents. To be more exact, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles listed 99,004 hit-and-run accidents in the state. Amazingly, a significant number of drivers would not face charges or even receive a ticket if they stayed at the scene after a crash.  But by leaving the scene of an accident, even where that driver was not at fault, makes that fleeing driver subject to arrest and imprisonment.  As an example, Florida law provides that leaving the scene of an accident when someone has died is a first-degree felony punishable by a $10,000 fine and up to 30 years in prison. Even with this penalty, the numbers of hit and run accidents continue to rise.

Hit and Run Accidents in Miami

A South Carolina woman was awarded more than $4.6 million following an incident when she was stuck by a needle in a Target store parking lot. Remarkably, her lawyer attempted to settle with Target before trial for $12,000 but Target rejected that offer. In response, Target offered the woman $750 and she was forced to go to trial.

In May of 2014, the woman and her young daughter got out of their car in a Target parking lot. When the woman’s daughter picked up a hypodermic needle, she swatted the needle out of her daughter’s hand. As she swatted the needle, it stuck her in the palm of her right hand.

The woman reported the injury to a Target employee who noted in a Target Guest Incident Report that the woman “seemed worried”. The report is an internal document that is filled out by a Target employee or manager. Information is collected from the “guest” about their accident and injuries while at Target.

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