Hollywood Truck Accident on Turnpike – Good Samaritan Saves Life

car-accident-pickup-truck-smashed-into-houseHOLLYWOOD – A pickup truck caught fire with a trapped passenger on Tuesday, December 18, 2012. It happened on the Florida Turnpike. 20 year old Evan Hanna ran to the scene of the accident and saved the life of the driver of the truck. The truck accident happened when the truck went off the northbound lanel, hit a fence, and struck two parked cars before finally crashing into a house. The accident happened just after 1pm.

Now, people worry sometimes that if they try to help and they make a mistake, they could be liable for any damage they cause. But don’t worry, because Florida has a good samaritan law that tracks common sense and gives immunity from any civil liability for trying to help under an emergency situation.  We will cover that in another post.

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