Improper Floor Maintenance Leads to Slip and Fall Accidents

Have you ever slipped and fell in a store? Then when you look you don’t see anything on the floor and wonder what happened. Like most people, you might feel embarrassed laying on the floor and start to think it was your fault. But it might not be after all. The Florida slip and fall lawyers at Wolfson & Leon in Miami may be able to help you prove that your slip and fall was actually caused by the store’s negligent maintenance procedures.

slip-and-fall-lawyers-300x184The determining factor that causes a person to slip and fall is oftentimes improper maintenance. Many cleaning compounds are based in soap or detergent. These materials use surfactants which are molecules that bring together grease and particles in a process commonly known as emulsification. This enables the grease and dirt to be washed up and away. But soap film can develop when the surface pore grease binds with the soap molecule residual. Polymerization can result when the soap film is further compounded by contaminants, minerals and soil. Soap or detergent-based products can produce and leave a soapy residue that may become slippery when wet. This can directly contribute to slip-and-fall incidents.

When a mop solution (water containing detergent) is applied, it emulsifies the soil and releases it from the surface. While suspended in the solution, the loosened soil should be easily removed by the mop, transferred into the dirty bucket and discarded. If pickup is incomplete, the soil-laden solution settles into the low spots on the floor. The water evaporates, leaving a residue of detergent and soil particles that attach firmly to the surface. Over time, if this cycle of incomplete cleaning is repeated, soil and detergent buildup becomes substantial and visible, especially when wet. Continuing such “slop mopping” can result in spreading this buildup to the remainder of the floor area.

Foreign contaminants often clog surface pores causing a decrease in high traction. It can be concluded that a decrease in high traction can provide a greater opportunity for an individual to experience a Maxi-Slip. This occurs when the compensatory swing-leg and arm motion takes place to maintain balance. Maxi-Slips frequently occur due to partial hydroplaning, or as it is technically referred to as “Boundary Lubrication”. In this consideration, only part of the shoe bottom contact area touches the surface while the remainder skims over a foreign substance. Most often leading to a slip and fall accident.

Slip and fall lawsuits can be difficult to prosecute. The law in Florida offers defendants numerous protections which become hurdles for folks injured in slip and fall accidents. At Wolfson & Leon our Florida slip and fall lawyers are well versed in the law concerning slip and fall accidents. We will not hesitate to employ the necessary experts to assist our clients in obtaining a full, fair and complete resolution to their claim.

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