Lucky’s Market Accident and Injuries

19614851476_d78361b531_bIn the world of grocery store chains, there are many choices available to consumers. Although grocery stores provide the same service by selling food, what causes consumers to choose one store over another? There are many reasons, such as convenience, location, pricing, but the products offered are what distinguishes one store from another. Modern day society has grown in its awareness of nutrition and what ingredients we are feeding our bodies. With the increase in awareness, came the diversity in nutritional diets.

People have many different needs in order to satisfy their diet essentials. This could range from a strictly organic diet of ingredients harvested without pesticides and growth hormones, or even a simpler diet that does not have specific requirements. Where the problem lies, is that not all stores may offer the specific needs of all diets. Traditional grocery stores offer all essential products, but this may not cater to all consumers. That is why they have begun to offer more availability of organic products. Depending on the store, there may be more or less options for healthier food. Fresh produce is the general area of a store that will have options for regular and organic products. Although this can satisfy many consumer needs, it still would not be enough for the individuals searching for all organic products. The main difference between general grocery products and healthier options, is the pricing.

There are several stores that offer all organic options, but this comes with a higher price tag. It has become a commonality that in order to eat healthier, you will need to have a higher budget. That being the case, it may not be suitable for all consumers. This leads to people purchasing select products that are healthier, while purchasing general products to complete the remainder of their shopping list. Since not all stores offer the same availability of healthier products, consumers sometimes need to shop at different stores in order to satisfy their shopping needs. These differentiation are what inspired Lucky’s Market to be the first grocery chain to break the norm.

Lucky’s Market

 Lucky’s Market was started by two chefs that wanted to be able to provide healthy food options for consumers without breaking the bank, but also have the general products that all consumers may need. Their goal is to inspire healthier eating habits, while understanding that less healthier ingredients are still okay to have. They originally started in Colorado in 2003 and gained backing from the Kroger Co. in 2016. With the help of their investment partner, they now have 39 locations across the country. There appears to be a major focus in Florida, which is home to more than half of their stores with a total of 21 locations.

The company currently has distribution centers in Atlanta and Indianapolis. Since there is such a concentration in Florida, they decided to open a new distribution center in Orlando, Florida, which is set to begin operations in the Fall. With the opening of the new distribution center, there will be big operational savings for the company. This will translate directly to the helping provide lower costs for their customers.

The opening of the new distribution center will create more jobs for laborers and truck drivers too. Warehouses employ workers to operate heavy machinery, manage inventory, ensure proper facility maintenance and drivers to deliver their products. There are many different responsibilities that must be upheld and completed daily to ensure the best operational functionality. Since there are so many pieces at play, it is likely that it won’t be perfect daily. One person’s negligence or oversight could have small or large implications. That is why it is important for workers to follow procedural guidelines for maintaining safety in the workplace.

Lucky’s Market Accident Attorneys

There are several safety hazards that come with working in a distribution center, such as accidents while operating heavy machinery, falling objects or slip and falls. Employees operating forklifts, pallet jacks or even side loaders, could be exposed to a higher risk of accidents. These risks not only affect them, but also the employees that are working in proximity of the machinery. Outside of the warehouse comes the hazard of product delivery. Truck delivery drivers are subject to their own hazards that are not in the control of the warehouse safety procedures. As they need to commute for a profession, their number one risk is automobile accidents. With the multiple potential safety hazards that are a part of working for a distribution center, it isn’t a matter of if an accident will happen, but rather when will an accident happen. That is why it is important for warehouse workers to understand their available options for injuries suffered while on the job site. It is equally important that anyone who is injured due to the negligence of a Lucky’s Market employee.

If an instance occurred where you or someone close to you was injured while working for a distribution center, then you may be eligible to pursue fair compensation for your injuries. As stated previously, accidents are bound to happen and there is a good chance that it was not your fault. That is why it is pertinent to find the most knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to help you in pursuing proper action.

At Wolfson & Leon, our Lucky’s Market accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys have helped injured victims fight for proper compensation from negligent companies since 1963. We stand ready to represent you for your injuries and damages against any other grocery store or supermarket in Florida including but not limited to Lucky’s Market, Publix, Walmart or any other grocery chain that causes your horrific injuries.

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