Miami Lyft Driver Killed in DUI Accident

Car_crash_2In March of 2017, a Lyft driver in Miami was killed in a Little Havana accident. The other driver was charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) for being high on crystal meth and cocaine. There were four passengers in the Lyft driver’s vehicle who were taken to the hospital. The family and survivors of the deceased driver and the passengers would benefit from the advice of a Lyft car accident attorney in Miami. These victims all face a potentially complex situation of insurance coverage.

Nicholas Castelao was ultimately charged with DUI manslaughter for driving while high on crystal meth. The Lyft driver he killed was Robert Torra. The accident happened in the residential area at the intersection of SW 25th Avenue and SW 17th Street. Castelao told a nurse at Jackson Memorial that he was high on meth. In addition, the investigating officers found a drug pipe near the vehicle after the accident. At the hospital, a nurse’s aide found 3 bags of drugs in the pockets of Castelao.

It is so sad that the selfish decision to drive while under the influence tragically impacted the Lyft driver and his four passengers. Not only were those folks affected, their families and friends also felt the impact. The unintended consequences of a tragic car accident extend far and wide.

The Lyft car accident lawyers at Wolfson & Leon in Miami call this the “ripple effect” and they understand how these events can affect families, friends and coworkers. Our attorneys work diligently to help injury victims and the surviving family members get through these difficult tragedies. One way is to make sure that all potential defendants and responsible parties are identified and ultimately held accountable.

Lyft Accident Investigation in Florida

In a Lyft car accident, a thorough investigation would be necessary. Our Lyft accident attorneys represent injured Lyft drivers and passengers in Florida. We know that Lyft has the same form of insurance that UBER carries. When the Lyft driver is driving passengers or on the way to pick up a rider from the app, the driver and passengers are covered by a $1 million insurance policy in uninsured/underinsured benefits.

Lyft uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage provides insurance benefits when another driver, who is uninsured or underinsured, injures and damages the insured. The first area of inquiry is what insurance, if any, does the at-fault driver possess? Next is to look for any insurance that might be available to the victim driver and passengers. Lyft, UBER and other TNC (Transportation Network Companies) all carry insurance as required by Florida Statute 627.748 which was signed into law in 2017.

In most cases, the $1million of insurance coverage in Lyft car accidents is sufficient to cover the losses and damages. However, in some accidents the medical bills and damages can exceed that $1million isn’t enough. In the case of an uninsured motorist, there is likely nowhere else to look for a recovery. However, if the Lyft driver was negligent there might be additional cause of actions to consider such as negligent training or retention. A Florida Lyft accident attorney would need to complete a thorough investigation before making any determination as to all potential causes of action.

Florida Lyft Car Accident Lawyers in Miami

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