Outback Steakhouse Accidents

Dining at an Outback Steakhouse is a great way to relax after a long week. But nothing can spoil a night out more than getting hurt. You could be badly hurt at an Outback Steakhouse or any other restaurant or bar, whether you trip on stairs or slip on a wet floor. When you have been badly hurt at Outback Steakhouse, you should speak with a best restaurant accident lawyer. You might receive compensation for your injuries if you are hurt due to a restaurant’s negligence. To learn more about your rights when you’ve been injured, speak with an Outback Steakhouse accident lawyer from Wolfson & Leon today by calling 305-285-1115.

Why Call an Outback Steakhouse Accident Lawyer?

Outback Steakhouse is a popular Australian-inspired restaurant known for its delectable dinners and friendly atmosphere. Owned by Bloomin’ Brands, you can find 97 Outback Steakhouse restaurants in Florida including the cities of Miami, Naples, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Orlando, Sarasota, Cape Coral, Tampa, Daytona Beach, and Gainesville. You can treat yourself to a savory ribeye steak or splurge on a filet mignon & lobster dinner.

Nothing can ruin an evening out more than when you get hurt. One of the most frequent accidents at the Outback Steakhouse and other restaurants is slips and falls. Leaking soda machines, spilled drinks, or an overflowing sink in the bathroom can make floors slippery.

Other common restaurant accidents can happen when;

  • Chair legs sticking out in the aisle or pushing too close together may cause a patron to trip and fall.
  • People can suffer burns on hot plates or when hot coffee is spilled.
  • Insufficient lighting in parking lots, sidewalks, or outdoor stairs may cause someone to trip and fall.
  • People can slip and fall on stairs that have broken handrails or don’t have suitable non-slip surfaces.
  • Floor mats may become slipping hazards if they aren’t properly secured.

Accidents at an Outback Steakhouse or any other restaurant can result in serious injury. Patrons who trip or slip and fall may suffer from a traumatic brain injury if they hit their head on furniture, countertops, steps, or the floor. Injuries like broken bones, torn ligaments, and sprains are common if you lose your balance and fall. Patrons may also endure severe burns if hot coffee is spilled on them or if they handle hot plates.

Injured at an Outback Steakhouse in Florida?

When you get hurt at an Outback Steakhouse or any other restaurant, you should do the following to protect your rights;

  • Report the accident to the manager or employee in charge.
  • Ask for copies of any reports filled out that document the accident.
  • Record the accident area by taking pictures or videos with your phone.
  • Gather the names and contact information of potential witnesses,

Patrons who are badly hurt at Outback Steakhouse should find out if they have a legal right to recover damages for their injuries by speaking with a best restaurant accident injury lawyer. You may require extensive medical care to treat your injuries. Often, severe injuries may prevent you from working and could require an extended recovery period. To protect your financial interests when hurt in a restaurant accident, you should seek legal help as soon as possible.

Why Call an Florida Outback Steakhouse Accident Lawyer?

Large restaurant chains like Outback Steakhouse try to keep their payouts as low as possible when someone gets hurt. Restaurant attorneys and insurance companies may use such tactics as offering a low settlement or ignoring your claim outright and hoping you’ll go away.

But when someone else’s negligence causes your injuries, it’s not fair to get stuck with costly medical bills or lose your household income because you can’t work. To protect your family’s interests in the event of a severe injury, you should seek legal help from a best restaurant accident injury lawyer.

Since 1963, the Florida restaurant accident attorneys at Wolfson & Leon have helped accident victims get justice when they’ve been badly hurt. Contact us for a free consultation if your family was affected by a severe injury at an Outback Steakhouse restaurant. If you need answers and want to find out if you have a claim, call Wolfson & Leon today at 305-285-1115.

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