Parasailing Accident Victim Hires Personal-Injury Attorney

Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good, both 17 years old, were excited to spend a vacation in Florida together. The two best friends were having a blast at the Treasure Island Resort and decided to conquer their fears by going parasailing for the first time. Unfortunately, poor weather and the proximity of the anchor boat to the shore led to a horrific accident that made news all around the world.


The accident, which occurred six months ago, began when the parasailing company, Aquatic Adventures, tried to reel the girls back into the boat, but strong winds prevented them from doing so. When they were hit by a sudden gust, the tow rope broke and the girls were pulled toward the shore by the wind.

Witnesses on the beach broke out their cameras, capturing the horrific ordeal as it unfolded. The girls slammed into an apparent building and struck a power line before falling onto a car.

Both Girls Suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries And Injuries To Their Spines


Sidney Good injured the back of her head and broke multiple vertebrae. Her brain trauma left her with permanent double vision and no peripheral vision. She says that the last thing that she remembers is people on the balcony of the apartment building reaching out for her before she struck the building and blacked out.

The Miami Herald reports that Alexis Fairchild suffered a skull fracture, which resulted in a serious brain injury. She has undergone multiple brain surgeries and lost a large portion of her skull. Although doctors warned her that she would never walk again, she is now able to walk normally six months later. Since the accident, she has had to relearn how to brush her teeth and how to read.

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Alexis’s Parents Have Filed A Personal-Injury Lawsuit Against The Resort And The Parasailing Company


WMMB News reports that the Fairchilds filed a lawsuit against Treasure Island and Aquatic Adventures. They say that they are less motivated by compensation than by affecting change in the industry.

After the accident, the parents discovered that parasailing is not regulated in Florida, which allowed the company to operate in unsafe conditions and use improper equipment. They hope that the lawsuit will result in safer operating guidelines for the parasailing industry.

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