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rental_carMIAMI BEACH – One of the more confusing moments in renting a car is the moment in time when the rental agent tries to sell you insurance on the rental. What should you do?

If you have insurance on your personal car and it provides rental coverage, usually the answer is “no” because it would be a waste of money. That doesn’t mean that you will be covered for everything that happnes. But, chances are that if you have your own coverage, buying additional coverage sold by the rental comapny is a waste. But read below to make sure. 

The rental agencies will try to sell you two things. The first is loss damage waiver. And the second is liability insurance. There are other coverages that they may try to sell. But these two are the basics and this article is limited to discussing the pros and cons of purchasing them depending on what coverage you have.

MIAMI BEACH – The cost of car or automobile insurance in the urban Miami Beach and Miami markets is high and not looking to go down. You buy insurance for those times when luck isn’t with you and someone else ino tap paying attention. Automobile coverage and specifically Personal Injury Protection, is a no-fault automobile insurance coverage. It covers your medical bills up to $10,000.00.  And, Personal Injury Protection covers out of pocket expenses and lost earnings. 

Recently, the State Legislature passed a law reducing benefits for victims of automobile crashes. The benefits that were reduced were for payments to massage therapists and acupuncturists. One would think that this would reduce premiums for people. But it hasn’t. Insurance rates have not dropped. And, recently, Jeff Atwater called for the companies to realize the savings and reduce premiums. 

The average payments for acupuncture were $4,400.00 and the average payments for massage therapy were $3,700.00.  With this kind of savings, the insurance companies should be able to pass on savings. But they haven’t and on November 29, 2012 Jeff Atwater called for some savings. 

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