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rear_end_collisionIf you are driving a car and you rear end another vehicle, is it automatically your fault? The short answer is no. There are certain facts that may help you prove that the rear end car accident is not your fault.

Our Miami car accident lawyers meet with personal injury clients who were involved in rear end collisions. The question is always the same – who is at fault? So what does the law say?

When one vehicle rear ends another vehicle, the rear ending vehicle is presumed to be at fault. But that presumption is rebuttable. What does that mean? It means that even if your vehicle rear ends another vehicle, it may not be your fault.

June, 12, 2013, Miami, FL- A forceful rear-end collision that early Sunday morning that sounded like an “explosion” left two men dead and a North Miami DJ in critical condition.

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The police report states that a Toyota Corolla traveling east was slowing for a traffic light at Southwest Eighth Street and Douglas Road at 1:20 a.m. when it was rear-ended by another vehicle, a Toyota Camry, driven by local DJ Ervens Prudent, 26.

A witness, who was working in the area, told local station WSVN-TV, “We were wrapping up work, just finished working, and we just heard this great, crazy explosion.” Javier Suarez said. “We saw a car right there on Eighth Street just going around [in circles], doing 360 [turns], and it was really bad. We saw a fire on the floor, and that’s about it. The cops came, and [fire] rescue.”

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