Waffle House Restaurant Accident Lawyer

If your injuries are caused by the negligence of Waffle House management or their employees, you should speak with a best restaurant accident attorney. You may have the right to recover compensation when you are badly hurt while dining out at Waffle House. Find out more by calling the Waffle House accident lawyers at Wolfson & Leon today at 305-285-1115 or 239-777-9954.

You can eat breakfast any time of day when you visit your local Waffle House restaurant. Tourists know they can stop in for a good meal at an affordable price when they see the bright yellow Waffle House sign as they travel along the highway. Yet these friendly 24-hour eateries are not without their risks. Patrons can slip on a wet floor, fall in the parking lot, or suffer burns from hot food. When you suffer from severe injuries in a Waffle House accident, you may find yourself stuck with costly bills for your medical care. Severe injuries can wreak havoc on your finances if you cannot work.

Common Accidents at Waffle House

With a desire to open a restaurant for family and friends, founders Tom Forkner and Joe Rogers, Sr., opened the first Waffle House in 1955. Today, you can find a Waffle House in 25 states. Each of the chain’s 1,900 restaurants is open seven days a week and serves customers at any hour of the day. Waffle House is popular for its all-day breakfast menu, affordable meals, and fast service.

Despite its popularity, patrons can get hurt when dining at Waffle House. Close quarters and the large volume of people streaming in and out of the restaurant can pose risks to patrons. Common ways people get hurt visiting their local Waffle House restaurant include,

  • Slips and falls on spilled coffee, milk, or cream left on the floor
  • Severe burns from hot coffee or hot plates
  • Outdoor falls due to poorly maintained or broken pavement
  • Trips and falls on worn out carpet or uneven thresholds
  • Criminal activity outside of the restaurant

Owners and operators of Waffle House are responsible for ensuring safe premises for visitors on their property. But if store owners and managers do not take appropriate steps to keep their stores safe, a patron could be badly hurt if they fall, are burned by hot liquid, or become a victim of criminal activity.

Depending on the circumstances around your Waffle House accident, you may be able to recover damages to pay for medical care and replace your lost income. To protect your rights and help ensure you get the compensation you deserve, you should speak with a Waffle House accident injury attorney at Wolfson & Leon today.

Damages in a Waffle House Accident

When you are badly hurt due to the negligence of a store’s owner, manager, or employees, you might be able to recover compensation. You could recover such damages to compensate for the following:

  • Medical care includes hospitalization, doctor visits, physical rehabilitation, medication, transportation, and other related expenses.
  • Lost income from severe injuries that keep you from working
  • Future medical care for permanent injuries
  • Reduction or loss of future earnings caused by the severity of your injuries

In some cases, you may be awarded damages for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and mental anguish caused by your injuries. When you are badly hurt, speaking to a best Waffle House accident lawyer can help you recover the damages you are entitled to. A skilled personal injury attorney enables you to build your case and defends your rights when negotiating a settlement on your behalf.

Why call a Waffle House Injury Accident Law Firm?

No one expects to get hurt when dining at Waffle House. And if you are severely hurt, you may not realize you could recover compensation for your injuries. Seeking legal advice is critical to protecting your rights when you have been badly hurt.

At Wolfson & Leon, our team of restaurant accident attorneys helps people badly hurt dining out. We take the time to discuss your accident and let you know what legal remedies may be available to recoup damages. Should you pursue a claim, our team of personal injury lawyers will stay with you from the initial paperwork filed through settlement. We can defend your rights in court.

Often, accident victims don’t pursue legal help because they think they can’t afford it. At Wolfson & Leon, we offer a free consultation. It costs you nothing to find out what rights you may have to recover compensation. And should you choose to file a lawsuit, you won’t pay legal fees for our services unless we settle your case. So, you can get the legal help you need without worrying about how you will pay for it.

Learn more by calling the Waffle House accident lawyers today at Wolfson & Leon at 305-285-1115 or 239-777-9954.


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