2 Florida Car Accidents

Car accidents are a regular fixture in the news, especially in Florida, which has one of the highest numbers of car accidents in the nation. Even though these accidents are seen almost every day, accidents that involve and injure children are still particularly shocking and saddening to read about. Unfortunately, we have seen two such accidents recently in Florida.


The first accident occurred last week, when a red 2013 Dodge Dart hit 12-year-old Shania Jackson. The Sun Sentinel says witnesses told police that the driver didn’t break and hit the girl hard enough that she was thrown down the street. The car’s headlight was broken in the collision, but the driver didn’t stop.

Jackson was rushed to the hospital and, despite extraordinary medical efforts, she died from her injuries six days later. The suspect in the accident turned himself in this week. He has been arrested more than 20 times mostly for driving-related offenses. Jackson’s parents told reporters they are saddened to learn of his driving history. They said that if he were punished more severely for earlier accidents, then maybe the young girl would still be alive.

9 Kids Were Injured When Their Martial Arts Studio’s Van Was Involved In An Accident


The second of the two car accidents left 13 people with injuries. Fox News reports that shortly after 3 p.m. a van carrying nine kids to an afterschool martial arts program hit a pick-up truck. The van was turning on a yellow light and struck the truck, which was going straight. Police say that they’ve determined the truck had the right of way despite the yellow light. Most of the injuries were minor, but one child was ejected from the van and taken to the hospital via helicopter. He underwent surgery on his head.

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