Personal-Injury Suits And Criminal Charges

More than a year ago, a Jehovah’s Witness congregation’s bus trip turned tragic when their bus driver became lost and crashed into an overpass. The bus was carrying 32 church members on their way to a gathering in West Palm Beach. Their driver, Ramon Ferreiro, took a wrong turn and ended up at Miami International Airport.

In the confusion, he began to travel the wrong way down a road near the airport and tried to drive the 12-foot-high bus under an 8-foot-6-inch-high overpass. Additionally, Ferreiro was driving at twice the speed limit. The impact tore open the roof of the bus and instantly killed one of the passengers. Two other passengers died at the hospital.

NBC Miami reports that the police just concluded their investigation after 12 months, and Ferreiro has been arrested. He is charged with three counts of vehicular homicide. Statements made by the survivors of the crash indicating Ferreiro was driving recklessly may have prompted the charges.

One of the survivors, Maria Sanjines, told reporters that another passenger warned Ferriero that he wouldn’t be able to clear the overpass. Instead of listening to the warning, Sanjines says that Ferriero sped up.

Shortly After The Accident, Three Personal-Injury Claims Were Filed Against Ferriero


The Miami Herald reports that Ferriero and the company that he works for have been named as defendants in at least three personal-injury claims stemming from the accident. The suits argue that Ferriero was driving negligently, which resulted in the deaths. The 15 mph speed limit was clearly posted, but he was driving 33 mph when the accident occurred.

Furthermore, eight different signs warned Ferriero that the overpass had a low clearance. As part of the test he took to receive his commercial driver’s license, Ferriero was trained to look for low-clearance signs and slow down for overpasses. Passengers say that the accident could have been avoided if he had exercised more caution.

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The Arrest Warrant Also Suggests That Ferriero Was Driving Recklessly


According to the arrest warrant, police found no signs that Ferriero tried to slow down or take evasive action to avoid the accident. After the accident, he admitted to police that he did not know the height of the bus he was driving, which may also have contributed to the decision to charge him with homicide.

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