3 Sisters Die in Tragic Florida Car Crash

Car crashes are almost always tragic, but few accidents can match the devastation of losing multiple family members. This was the unfortunate result of a recent wreck in Florida. 1280px-Spreizer_ansatzoeffnung

USA Today reports that three sisters died in a tragic Florida car accident. The sisters were on holiday in Miami before returning home to take care of one of their ill sons. It was on the way home from Miami that their car crashed in a tragic and fatal accident.

Officials say the crash was a four-vehicle chain reaction on Interstate 95, and the sisters’ vehicle was in the middle of this. The crash happened just a few miles from the exit leading to their houses in Cocoa Beach and Rockledge.

All cars were travelling in the northbound lane. One of the drivers swerved off the roadway for an unknown reason and crashed into the guardrail. This set off a chain reaction of crashes. Officials do not know if speed was a factor in the incident.

A fourth passenger who was in the car sustained serious injuries. Emergency workers transported her to a hospital in a critical condition. Two other people also sustained serious injuries in the crash, but there were no other fatalities.

Helping Victims of Negligent or Reckless Drivers

When negligent drivers cause an accident—especially if it leads to injuries or fatalities—victims and their families want justice. Fortunately, there are laws that protect the rights of these victims.

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Here is yet another story that demonstrates the everyday dangers of driving in Florida:

Hit-and-Run Triggers Massive Pileup on Expressway

NBC Miami reports that a hit-and-run triggered a massive accident on the Palmetto Expressway involving 17 other vehicles. The crash was in the northbound lane of the highway and injured a number of people. Fortunately, no one involved in the accident sustained life-threatening injuries.

The crash caused delays to traffic on the expressway as emergency workers cleared the wreckage and attended to the injured. Some drivers who witnessed the hit-and-run followed the culprit and alerted 911, but a full investigation is still underway.

Fatal Car Accidents Remain a Pressing Issue in Florida 

In 2013, there were more than 300,000 crashes on Florida roads. This isn’t too surprising when you consider that there are 18 million registered vehicles in the state. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, state troopers issued nearly 340,000 warnings to Florida drivers in 2013; however, in spite of these efforts, there were still 2,402 fatalities on Florida’s roads.

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