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If you have been operated on, one of the biggest worries a person has is the fear that the doctor might leave something in you.  If that happens, usually if it is an inert object like metal, there will hopefully be less damage.  Nonetheless, leaving a needle or metal object inside a person can be very painful and is simply inexcusable.  As far as items like sponges, it is even worse.  These sort of items can kill in very little time.  If the doctor’s don’t recognize what is going on, a person can die in a matter of days from a sponge left in him or her. 

a blue stethoscope liegtn in a medical book

a blue stethoscope liegtn in a medical book

MIAMI BEACH – First, you should almost always get checked out at the scene by Fire Rescue if you’ve been injured even slightly.   Even if you have medical training, it is exceedingly difficult to assess your own medical condition.   Thus, strongly consider any offer from a fire rescue personnel on the scene to go in the ambulance to the hospital.



First responders like EMT (emergency medical technicians) know best when people need to go to the hospital.  Listen to them.  When they come to the scene, do what they tell you.  If they say don’t move, don’t move.  And do not forget to tell the EMT or Emergency Medical Technician on the scene every physical complaint that is bothering you after the accident.  The reason this is important is because the insurance company or defendant will make a big deal out of anything that you may have forgotten to tell the Fire Rescue personnel.  In fact, if you testify during your case that you had pain at the scene and you forgot to tell the EMT Fire Rescue person, the Defendant or Insurance Company may try to make it seem as though you are lying about your injuries.  The same goes for any bruising striking the inside of the car during the accident.  If you forgot to tell the EMT at the scene about hitting interior portions of the car with a body part like a knee and later remember it, the Defendant or insurance company will make it out as if you are being untruthful and lying.  And this, even though you may have just innocently forgotten or you were trying to be strong.

Remember, everything you say is getting recorded so your medical professionals including emergency medical technicians, nurses, and doctors can treat you well.  So be complete and consistent.

The death of a family member or loved one is always difficult, especially if it is the result of a preventable accident or someone else’s negligence. In addition to the emotional toll that a sudden and unexpected death can take on a family, there are often lasting financial impacts.

legal form for filing for punitive monetary damages

Under certain circumstances, family members may be able to file a wrongful death claim to recover certain damages from the individual or organization responsible. While no amount of compensation can ease the pain of the loss of a family member, it may be beneficial to help cover costs and fill the financial void left by the deceased.

If you are considering filing a civil lawsuit for a wrongful death claim, contact Wolfson & Leon for advice. We have been practicing law for more than 60 combined years, and we are equipped to handle a wide range of personal-injury cases, including wrongful deaths, car accidents and motorcycle crashes.

Thousands of people die on American roads each year, and pedestrians make up a significant percentage of these fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, up to 5,000 pedestrians die in car-related crashes each year, and many more sustain serious and often debilitating injuries. In 2012, more than 70,000 pedestrians sustained injuries in accidents with motor vehicles.

Accident report

Accident report

Car accidents can be costly, particularly if you sustain serious injuries or property damage during the process. There are thousands of collisions in the United States each year, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that car wrecks in 2010 cost the country up to $1 trillion due to loss of life and lost productivity.


The personal costs of a car accident can be high, as well, and many people who sustain injuries will attempt to claim compensation from the negligent driver. If the driver has sufficient insurance, the claim process can be relatively straightforward, but it may get more complicated if he or she is uninsured or underinsured.

If you were in a crash with an uninsured or underinsured motorist, call Wolfson & Leon. We can handle the legal work so you can focus on your own recovery and get your life back on track.

If something fell on you, and you got hurt, it might be hard to prove someone else’s negligence caused that problem.  For example, maybe someone stocked a shelf and then left an item really close to the edge, too close.  Then, when someone lightly bumped the shelf, it fell on you.  But how do you know they stocked the shelf wrong?  Now this may or not be an instance where this applies, but, sometimes, the thing speaks for itself.  And this is called the legal doctrine of “res ipsa loquitur”. 

Danger Falling Objects Warning Sign Isolated, black drop triangle over yellow, large macro

Danger Falling Objects Warning Sign Isolated, black drop triangle over yellow, large macro

U.S. 1 is one of the most scenic highways in America. The Overseas Highway has been lauded for its vistas and its beautiful long bridges that cross miles of ocean. The highway follows Henry Flagler’s old railway—a railway many thought impossible to build when it was constructed in 1912. Today, the Overseas Highway covers 113 miles and crosses 42 bridges, according to the Florida Keys website. Every summer, tourists and locals make the journey over this highway for fun, sunshine, and maybe a fishing or snorkeling adventure. Yet, this highway is also one of the most deadly in Florida.

Rollover Vehicle Accident at Busy Intersection With Emergency Pe


According to the Miami Herald, deaths on the Overseas Highway decreased in 2014 compared to prior years. The Florida Highway Patrol credits this reduction in people slowing down to avoid the consequences of a speeding ticket. The Florida Highway Patrol also credited better signage and better quality roads following construction efforts.

The Keys remain a popular overnight destination for Miami residents and visitors alike. In 2013, there were over three million overnight visitors to the Florida Keys.

We understand this question.  Everyone is trying to net the most they can from their settlement or award.  The short answer is that it is the only way that an attorney can get paid usually is by the contingency method.  Many people of means with money cannot afford to pay for an attorney to represent them on an hourly basis.  If this contingency method were not allowed, then it would very well close the doors to the members of society that are not rich.  


Now, that said, in some less common instances, you may not have to pay.  First, this article is not about situations where you hire us to sue an insurance company that didn’t pay what they were contractually required to under the insurance contract.  In those cases, if you win, the law itself provides that the Defendant insurance company has to pay your lawyer.  This is about when someone hurts you and you hire us as your personal injury lawyer to recover money for your pain, suffering, etc. and we file a lawsuit. 

Now, in a case against someone who hurt you, we charge a contingency fee as set forth in our contract which we can send to you if you call.  In your case, we can issue a “proposal for settlement”.  This means that we make an official propsoal to the Defendant.  Statute 768.79 provides that if you make a formal proposal to settle a case to a Defendant that is lawful, and you proceed to trial and recover 25% more than the amount that you proposed to settle for, then the Defendant would be responsible for your attorney’s fees and costs. 

In June alone, there have been several reports of cars crashing into homes. CBS Miami reported that a car crashed into a North Miami home. While no injuries were sustained as a result of the accident, the news reports failed to mention the extent of property damage the accident caused.



In another accident, a driver drove into a supermarket, panicked, pushed on the accelerator, crashed into two cars on Northeast 6th avenue, then crashed the car into an apartment. CBS News reports that the driver thought she was hitting the brake when she was in fact pushing down on the accelerator. The Toyota Corolla drove through a glass window, striking a 29 year old employee who sustained injuries to her side and to her head. The woman who lived in the apartment told CBS News that she would be dead if she had been in her apartment at the time of the accident.

While car-building collisions are rare, the recent rash of these kinds of accidents is a sober reminder that when these accidents take place, innocent victims suffer injuries and property damage.

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