Car Drives Into Restaurant, and Other Personal-Injury Lawyer News

Negligent driving takes many forms. Distracted driving is the most recognizable form today, because of the media attention it receives, but there are other types that are just as deadly. Reckless driving, which includes speeding, can also lead to serious accidents.

Oftentimes, it’s apparent that negligence played a role in an accident, but it’s unclear exactly what type of negligence contributed. These cases lead to lengthy police investigations to determine what caused the crash.

This may be the case in a recent accident in Fort Lauderdale.  WSVN News reports that the driver of a Honda Accord lost control of his vehicle and crashed through the front wall of a sushi restaurant.

The restaurant’s owner was working in the back when she heard what she thought was an explosion. She ran to the dining area to find several injured patrons and a white car smashed against a support beam.

Paramedics arrived to take four diners to the hospital with serious injuries. It’s amazing that more of the customers weren’t injured in the wreck.

Police interviewed the driver, who said that a mechanical malfunction caused him to lose control of the vehicle. They are looking into the matter to determine what could be wrong with the vehicle.

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Family Files Wrongful-Death Lawsuit Against Husband of Murdered Model

Suspicion surrounds the death of French model Samira Frasch. Less than six months before her death, she filed for divorce against podiatrist Dr. Adam Frasch. The court granted her sole custody of the couple’s two daughters temporarily while the divorce was pending.

In February, a maintenance worker happened to find Samira Frasch’s body in the couple’s home in a gated community. Police tracked Dr. Frasch to another property that he owns and found him packing his car and attempting to leave the state with his daughters.

There haven’t been any criminal charges in the case, so the family decided to file a civil lawsuit to hold him accountable.

This provides an example of an important point; unlike criminal cases, civil lawsuits do not need to prove a person’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Rather, a wrongful-death lawsuit only needs to prove that the evidence shows the defendant’s negligence or behavior most likely caused the death.

Wrongful-death lawsuits often arise out of negligent behavior that caused another person’s death. As such, they apply in a variety of situations, including certain job-site accidents, medical malpractice and defective products.

A Personal-Injury Lawyer Can Help You File a Claim

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Oftentimes, the family members of those who have died in an accident face the grieving process and high financial costs due to the death simultaneously. We can help you seek compensation for medical and funeral expenses, so that you can focus on grieving.

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