No More Damage Liability Limits In Florida

After a loved one dies, there is often more to worry about than just the emotional trauma of the loss. If that person was the financial provider, their family’s finances could be thrown into chaos as unpaid bills are stacked on top of medical bills and funeral costs. Personal-injury laws allow these family members to seek compensation when the negligent acts of another person or a business caused their loved one’s death.

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However, since 2003, the law limits the amount of compensation that victims can receive. In practical terms, this means that a judge may award a grieving family the amount that they deserve, but the family still receives far less due to the limit. These types of laws protect large businesses from needing to pay too much after a wrongful-death lawsuit.

The Families Of Patients Who Died Due To Medical Malpractice Were Most Affected

To protect themselves, hospitals hired lobbyists to reform our laws and limit the amount that patients and their families could recover due to medical malpractice. They had an easy time of it—nobody had the money for lobbyists to champion the victims’ rights.

Community Digital News reports that the Florida Supreme Court overturned the law, allowing families of patients to recover a fair amount for their loss. This means that people who could not previously justify suing a hospital because they would not recover enough to make the process worthwhile may now be able to pursue legal action.

If you find yourself in need of a Miami personal-injury lawyer to aid in your medical-malpractice lawsuit, call us today. At Wolfson & Leon, LLP, we are committed to helping victims of malpractice find justice and closure through legal action. To find out more about our service, call 305-285-1115.

The Supreme Court Also Dismissed Claims That Lawsuits Caused The Medical-Malpractice Crisis

Insurance companies claim that medical-malpractice lawsuits created an insurance crisis for doctors. The Supreme Court disagreed, placing the blame squarely on the insurance companies themselves. They wrote that insurance companies report yearly increases in revenue but continue to raise insurance prices, which hurts both patients and doctors.

The media calls the ruling a victory for patient’s rights. It primarily affects compensation for non-economic losses including mental suffering, physical pain and loss of life. Before, the amount a victim could recover was mostly limited to monetary loses such as a loss of income or medical bills.

In light of these changes, it is more important than ever to consult a personal-injury attorney when planning a medical-malpractice lawsuit. We can advise you about how much you can expect to potentially recover and what steps need to be taken to initiate the claim. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 305-285-1115.

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