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griswoldsMIAMI BEACH – This post is about your safety around the holidays. Nobody wants there Christmas tree to burn. You don’t need insurance claims or, even worse, injuries. But it happens. And, it is an easy way to ruin Christmas. But we found some suggestions to prevent this from happening. And some statistics to motivate you to be a safe Christmas tree handler! The National Fire Protection Association reports that:

Between 2006-2010, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 230 home fires that started because of Christmas trees each year.  The fires caused an average of 4 deaths each year and  21 injuries.  The total yearly economic loss associated with Christmas tree fires is reportedly $17.3 million in direct property damage.

While Christmas tree fires on not common, they can be very serious according to the National Fire Protection Association. In fact, one out of every 66 reported fires that began with a Christmas tree resulted in death. According to the National Fire Protection Association, one in about five or 18% of fires started due to a heat source too close to the Christmas tree. Another nineteen percent of home Christmas tree structure fires were intentionally set. And about three quarters or 75% of the intentionally set Christmas tree fires occurred in the 15 days after Christmas which makes it likely the fires were due to disposal.

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