Tip Two – What to do At the Slip or Trip and Fall Scene

MIAMI BEACH – In our first “what to do after an accident” tip, we discussed what to do at the scene of an accident after the accident. The sum of it was to be consistent and complete. 

Now, in this tip, we will discuss what to do at the scene of a trip or slip and fall accident. We are Miami Beach and Miami personal injury attorneys and have represented thousands of people in auto accident cases. Jerome H. Wolfson, Esq. has been practicing for over 50 years. 

At a trip and fall or slip and fall, many times you won’t fully recognize how serious your injuries might be. Therefore, if a store employee or manager asks if you want them to call Fire Rescue or an Ambulance, it is best to be on the safe side and say yes if common sense and your body is telling you the same. 

Many people are nervous and feel embarressed at the scene of a slip or trip and fall accident. This can make them feel out of sorts and try to just get out of the store. But this isn’t the wisest thing to do.  Make sure your body is telling you it is okay to move about. And, if you can, identify what it is that caused you to fall and whether it is a moveable or transitory substance or a defect in the floor.  The first would be something you might slip on and the other something you may have tripped on.  For moveable items, a Plaintiff has to show that the Defendant actually or constructively knew about the object.  For a defect, you can show that they should have known. 

Either way, if the store tries to get you to give a statement, remember you have no requirement to do so. However, if you do give a statement, make sure before you do so that they promise to give you a copy of it and the name and address of any witness who saw what happened.  And be consistent and complete!

If you get better or are not hurt, good for you!  If not, and you are unfortunate, give us a call and we can see if there is anything we can do for you. 

Please give us a call and we can assess whether you can show a case in negligence against the store owner. 

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