Personal Injury Suit Likely

A truck struck a taxi cab carrying two passengers in a high-speed collision, killing the driver of the taxi. According to CBS Miami, passengers in both vehicles sustained serious injuries.

The force of the crash forced both vehicles off of the road and into a closed gas station. There currently are no indicators of what caused the wreck.

The taxi driver, Frantz Joseph, died at the scene. His passengers were rushed to a regional hospital and were listed in critical condition. Likewise, the driver and the passenger of the pick-up truck sustained serious injuries in the wreck.

Despite the incredible advances made in the car safety industry, vehicular accidents still pose an everyday threat to American drivers. Side-curtain airbags and electronic stability control do save lives, but they’re often ineffective in cases of high-speed collisions. Negligent driving is much more than just a traffic crime; it can cause massive amounts of property damage, produce debilitating injuries and even claim lives.

These Types Of Accidents Generally Result In Personal Injury Cases

Accidents that occur at high speeds often leave devastating and long-lasting injuries. If the wreck was caused by the negligence of one of the drivers, victims often file personal injury suits. Recovering the compensation that they deserve can help them settle their medical bills, pay for any ongoing rehabilitation and adjust to a life affected by permanent injuries.

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The Taxi Driver’s Family Is Left Searching For Answers

Frantz Joseph was a husband and father of three teenage children. Outside of working as a driver, he also was a cemetery employee  to make ends meet for his family.

His family and friends state that he was a hard-working and generous man. Few details have emerged about the cause of the accident, leaving those affected to wonder what really happened.

The man and woman in the truck both have driving records mottled with charges like driving without insurance and driving on a suspended license. Although the police have not determined who was at fault in the crash, a personal injury suit is likely to follow any criminal charges.

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