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Over the past few years, Florida health care regulators pressured parents of disabled children to place them in nursing homes, drawing increasing controversy. The U.S. Department of Justice views this as overreaching its boundaries and has filed suit against the state. But that’s not the only suit that state agencies have to worry about.


The Miami Herald reports that Doris Fry filed suit against several agencies she says were complicit in the death of her 14-year-old daughter, Marie. Marie had severe cerebral palsy and suffered from seizures. Her mother worked hard to provide in-home care for Marie, but state officials decided that Doris wasn’t fit to care for Marie because of her own disabilities.

The state removed Marie from her mother’s care, but a judge disagreed with the decision and ordered them to return Marie to her mother. The judge also charged the Agency for Health Care Administration to pay for in-home care, but the money never came. Without the money that the judge earmarked for Marie’s care, child welfare workers returned to the home and decided that Doris couldn’t afford adequate care for her daughter. They went to a different judge, who ordered that Marie be taken to a nursing home.

Auto accidents occur all the time in Florida, but none are as deadly as those between a car and a pedestrian. Negligent driving is generally to blame, and accidents that involve pedestrians often turn into hit and runs. This week, NBC News reports that two separate accidents killed two pedestrians in Miami.

The first accident claimed the life of 78-year-old Fannie Ash who was struck as she walked across the street. The driver that hit her left the scene of the accident, but he was quickly found and arrested by Miami police.

One of the most often tried types of personal injury cases involves negligent driving. Negligent driving spans a wide variety of situations. Any action that increases the likelihood of an accident but could have been reasonably prevented is considered negligent. These actions include talking or texting on a cell phone, putting on make up, eating or drinking, among others.


Other forms of negligence revolve around the way a vehicle is driven. Driving at an excessive speed or making abrupt lane changes are also considered forms of negligent driving. Negligent driving also pertains to driving while impaired. Impairment can include intoxication or drowsiness.

If a negligent driver caused an accident, and you were injured as a result, it is important to stand up for yourself to ensure that you are fairly compensated. Your first step should be to call a personal injury attorney who can review your claim and build a strong case around it. At Wolfson & Leon, we have more than six decades of combined experience in the Miami area. Let us put that experience to work for you. Call Us At 305-285-1115 Today!

A truck struck a taxi cab carrying two passengers in a high-speed collision, killing the driver of the taxi. According to CBS Miami, passengers in both vehicles sustained serious injuries.

The force of the crash forced both vehicles off of the road and into a closed gas station. There currently are no indicators of what caused the wreck.

A recent study shows that bedrails might cause more deaths and injuries than they prevent. According to a Miami Herald article, the problem is that bedrail designs are not regulated whatsoever.


After elderly or mentally impaired people fall out of their beds, care facilities and doctors advise that their families install bedrails to prevent future falls. Unfortunately, thousands of elderly citizens are injured by becoming trapped by those rails.

Federal agencies have known that bedrails can be hazardous but have done little to inform the public or regulate the manufacturers. Without warnings or regulations, consumers purchase rails expecting to provide safety for their loved ones, only to find out that the bedrails might lead to injury or even death.

A deaf bicyclist was injured when he was clipped by a semi-truck. The incident occurred near the end of his 10,000-mile ride to raise awareness for the hearing impaired.

Six months ago, Jacob Landis and his cousin set out on their long ride, which was scheduled to end in Miami. According to First Coast News, they were only 200 miles from their destination when Jacob Landis was clipped by a semi-truck trailer and fell off his bike.

bicycle accident

When emergency responders arrived, Landis was lying on the shoulder of the roadway, disoriented and bleeding. His hearing apparatus had been knocked loose during the collision, keeping him from communicating effectively with responders.

Police chases have been made strangely popular by reality T.V. shows that depict cops chasing down criminals. A crash that occurred on Wednesday morning served as a reminder of just how deadly those high-speed chases can be. NBC News reported that the chase began after police discovered that a South Miami Heights woman and her daughter had been shot and killed. When the police tracked down the woman’s ex-boyfriend, he fled, leading police on a chase through multiple counties.


He began to speed excessively and started weaving in and out of traffic before eventually colliding with another car. The driver of the car, Maritza Medina, was ejected by the impact. Police officers rushed in to drag Medina to safety but found that she had already died from her injuries. Both vehicles were extremely damaged by the crash.

SWAT teams surrounded the shooter’s vehicle, which led to a standoff that ended when police officers heard shots from within the vehicle and approached, finding the shooter had died from self-inflicted gun shot wounds.

Any car crash that results in death or injury is tragic, but fatal car crashes that are caused by irresponsible driving are particularly saddening. Many such accidents are the result of illegal drag races, also known as street races. Street racers don’t just put their own lives on the line for a thrill; they also endanger the lives of pedestrians and other motorists.

drag racing

The tragic affects of street racing can be seen in a recent crash in Miami. According to a CBS Miami report last Saturday, a driver who witnesses say was street racing ran a red light and collided with a Nissan and a county bus. The driver of the Nissan, Humberto Perez, had dropped his wife off at work only moments before. The force of the collision ejected Perez from his vehicle. He died at the scene.

One of the passengers on the bus was taken to the hospital for treatment. The bus driver suffered minor injuries and received treatment at the scene. The accused street racer and his passenger were severely injured and were taken to the hospital after they were extricated from their vehicle.

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