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A video broadcasted on ABC News has gone viral. It depicts a driver in Florida losing control of his vehicle, swerving onto a sidewalk and hitting a tree before his car flips onto its roof.


The video was captured by a police cruiser’s dash-cam. The police officer just happened to be following Michael James Woody’s vehicle when the accident occurred. Woody, who was uninjured, told the officer that he was texting behind the wheel.

Fortunately, the accident happened at night when the sidewalks were not in regular use, but the video comes at a time when Floridians are debating whether or not the recent texting-and-driving ban, implemented last year, has been effective in curbing the number of car accidents related to texting.

In 2012, billionaire real-estate mogul Jeffrey Soffer was involved in a helicopter crash that claimed the life of his friend Lance Valdez, an attorney from Florida. The crash occurred in the Bahamas at an exclusive club. The original story that emerged stated that David Pearce, who is a licensed helicopter pilot, was landing the craft when an unexpected burst of wind disrupted the landing, causing the crash.

The story went on to detail that Valdez’s widow, Dari Pastouhkova Gogoleva, received a $2 million payment from the insurance company as compensation. She also signed a release, promising not to sue anyone onboard the aircraft. Since then, new details have emerged that could change everything.

Ismael Martinez and his son, Fidel Durante, were working on a concrete project on the side of the road when the accident happened. CBS Miami reports that it was early in the morning, and they were walking from their work truck to the project site when the driver of an SUV lost control of her vehicle and hit the two pedestrians. Durante was clipped and only received minor injuries, but his father was not so lucky.


The SUV ran over Martinez, throwing him to the ground and nearly severing his leg. The driver quickly drove away and was nowhere to be found when the police and paramedics arrived. Martinez was taken to Ryder Trauma Center for treatment. His surgeons performed four surgeries in an attempt to save his leg, but a series of serious infections forced them to amputate below the knee.

Two weeks later, Martinez says that he is starting to feel better. Until the past few days, he wasn’t able to sleep for more than a handful of minutes because of the excruciating pain that the surgeries caused him. He says that he can’t remember much of the accident; the only thing that he can remember clearly is the moment that impact occurred.

More than a year ago, a Jehovah’s Witness congregation’s bus trip turned tragic when their bus driver became lost and crashed into an overpass. The bus was carrying 32 church members on their way to a gathering in West Palm Beach. Their driver, Ramon Ferreiro, took a wrong turn and ended up at Miami International Airport.

In the confusion, he began to travel the wrong way down a road near the airport and tried to drive the 12-foot-high bus under an 8-foot-6-inch-high overpass. Additionally, Ferreiro was driving at twice the speed limit. The impact tore open the roof of the bus and instantly killed one of the passengers. Two other passengers died at the hospital.

Car accidents are a regular fixture in the news, especially in Florida, which has one of the highest numbers of car accidents in the nation. Even though these accidents are seen almost every day, accidents that involve and injure children are still particularly shocking and saddening to read about. Unfortunately, we have seen two such accidents recently in Florida.

The first accident occurred last week, when a red 2013 Dodge Dart hit 12-year-old Shania Jackson. The Sun Sentinel says witnesses told police that the driver didn’t break and hit the girl hard enough that she was thrown down the street. The car’s headlight was broken in the collision, but the driver didn’t stop.

Arizona’s Department of Transportation (ADOT) recently updated its Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, which was originally established in 2003. The program intends to increase the infrastructure for pedestrians and bikers along the state highway system in order to allow more people to take advantage of multiple methods of travel.


The new plan rolls out at the same time that many cities are reporting their highest number of pedestrian accidents ever. KVOA News reports that a car recently struck an 18-year-old woman as she was crossing the street. People who live near the intersection where the accident occurred said that there is a lack of lighting along that road and not enough marked crosswalks.

The ADOT plan’s update will focus on improving safety by modernizing walkways and increasing driver awareness. At Wolfson & Leon we care about pedestrian safety. Below you will find some tips to help avoid causing an accident with a pedestrian. If you have been injured in a car accident with a negligent driver, we can represent your interests in court. To discuss your case, Call Us At 305-285-1115 Today!

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