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A recent case involving the death of a 78-year-old male, Kenneth Steadman, while under the care of a Florida medical center has brought serious medical malpractice claims back to the spotlight. In this situation, as reported by The Ledger, the elderly male died from complications involving an issue with blood clots in the lungs, or pulmonary thromboembolism.


Subsequent to an investigation into the matter, the man’s wife, Linda Steadman, has filed a civil lawsuit against all concerned, including the doctor, Lozano Internal Medicine Clinic, the Lake Wales Hospital Corporation and Lakeland Home Care Services. The amount claimed is $15,000.

Steadman and her personal-injury attorney believe the circumstances surrounding the case are clear indications of malpractice and improper procedure being followed. Ms. Steadman claims the healthcare providers incorrectly assessed her husband’s deteriorating condition.

Fitness gurus, employers and even government health campaigns tout the same message: Commuting by bicycle rather than a car can lead to a long, healthy life, but the practice is not without its risks. According to the Department of Transportation, 726 cyclists died in car accidents in 2012. Cyclist lying on the road after an accident on a sunny day

Bicyclists are also at a higher risk of death than drivers and pedestrians. Although only 1 percent of all commutes in the United States involve a bicycle, biking deaths account for 2 percent of all traffic fatalities.

If you are one of the approximately 49,000 people who suffer an injury in a bike accident each year, we want to help. At Wolfson & Leon, LLP, we’ve spent the past 50 years representing accident victims in Miami, and you can rely on that experience in the courtroom. If you are ready to talk with a car-accident lawyer about your injuries, please call 305-285-1115.

Hit-and-runs are terrifying trends in the United States, especially because many victims may not have died if the driver had remained to provide aid or call for help. However, most drivers are prompted to leave the scene, either because they are breaking a law by driving without insurance or they are driving without a license.


Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine that many of these drivers actually get away with killing another person and just leaving them after a car accident. The sad truth is, many hit-and-run drivers do escape justice. Statistics for these sorts of trends are scarce, but the Chron reports that in at least one area of the country, approximately 50 percent of hit-and-run drivers are never found.

Florida police are avidly trying to find a driver after a particularly violent hit-and-run crash last week. WTSP News reports that the accident occurred at 3 a.m. and left two young women dead and third in the hospital.

Losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligent behavior is tragic. It can be even more disheartening to learn that the state often cannot file criminal charges against the negligent party, leaving the victim’s family members feeling as though they will never find justice nor closure.

This is an incredibly difficult position for anyone involved. Fortunately, the law allows family members to take matters into their own hands by filing a wrongful-death lawsuit. These claims are often very hard on the claimants, who must juggle their grief with their desire for justice.

Hit-and-run accidents have become a major problem in Florida. The number of drivers who flee the scene of a car accident rises every year. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, an estimated 70,000 hit-and-run accident occurred in 2012, killing about 3 people each week statewide.


There are many theories about why more people are fleeing accidents, but the most likely answer is that they face harsher charges if they stay at the scene then they do if they leave. For example, an intoxicated driver who causes an accident will certainly face a DUI by remaining to speak with police. However, drunk drivers who flee and are caught later only face a charge for leaving the scene, which carries much lighter penalties than a DUI.

In other words, they only need to evade police long enough to sober up. Drunk drivers are not the only ones causing these accidents, though.

After 19 “Hot Shots” firefighters were killed in a wildfire over the summer in Arizona, an investigation was launched into the incident. The report concluded there was not enough evidence to establish negligence.


The 19 deaths were ruled accidental, but the mother of one of the firefighters isn’t convinced. According to CBS News, Marcia McKee filed suit against those who were in charge of planning the operation.

McKee says that the suit is her last resort to get answers from the authorities within the firefighting organization. She feels that there is more to the story that isn’t being released, which was a concern that rose during the investigation when investigators said that they couldn’t find much information about the operation at the time of the deaths.

One of the most often tried types of personal injury cases involves negligent driving. Negligent driving spans a wide variety of situations. Any action that increases the likelihood of an accident but could have been reasonably prevented is considered negligent. These actions include talking or texting on a cell phone, putting on make up, eating or drinking, among others.


Other forms of negligence revolve around the way a vehicle is driven. Driving at an excessive speed or making abrupt lane changes are also considered forms of negligent driving. Negligent driving also pertains to driving while impaired. Impairment can include intoxication or drowsiness.

If a negligent driver caused an accident, and you were injured as a result, it is important to stand up for yourself to ensure that you are fairly compensated. Your first step should be to call a personal injury attorney who can review your claim and build a strong case around it. At Wolfson & Leon, we have more than six decades of combined experience in the Miami area. Let us put that experience to work for you. Call Us At 305-285-1115 Today!

Last month, radio personality Betty Pino died from complications during a cosmetic procedure. Her family was left in shock and is considering bringing a medical malpractice suit against her cosmetic surgeon. Miami New Times reported that the city’s medical examiner has spoken out, criticizing the medical treatment of Pino.


After finding a cosmetic surgeon to remove silicone implants from her buttocks, her wounds became infected. Her infection spread, and she slipped into a coma.

Doctors took extraordinary measures in an attempt to save her life, but she passed away. Her family told reporters that they were deciding whether or not to file a personal injury suit against plastic surgeon Constantino Mendieta, who performed the operation.

Police chases have been made strangely popular by reality T.V. shows that depict cops chasing down criminals. A crash that occurred on Wednesday morning served as a reminder of just how deadly those high-speed chases can be. NBC News reported that the chase began after police discovered that a South Miami Heights woman and her daughter had been shot and killed. When the police tracked down the woman’s ex-boyfriend, he fled, leading police on a chase through multiple counties.


He began to speed excessively and started weaving in and out of traffic before eventually colliding with another car. The driver of the car, Maritza Medina, was ejected by the impact. Police officers rushed in to drag Medina to safety but found that she had already died from her injuries. Both vehicles were extremely damaged by the crash.

SWAT teams surrounded the shooter’s vehicle, which led to a standoff that ended when police officers heard shots from within the vehicle and approached, finding the shooter had died from self-inflicted gun shot wounds.

July 7, 2013, Miami, FL- The pain of losing a loved one is immeasurable, especially if their death was untimely or caused by another person or entity. It may be the furthest thing from a person’s mind while they are grieving for their parent, brother, sister, spouse or child, but survivors can seek compensation to cover their financial losses attributed to medical and funeral expenses and loss of wages. Florida wrongful death statutes also take the emotional losses of survivors into account.

wrongful death

A wrongful death claim is a civil suit which alleges that a person’s death was unnecessary and was the fault of another person or entity’s negligence. Wrongful death claims involve a range of accidental deaths from simple car accidents to complex medical malpractice and product liability cases. People, corporations and local, state or federal government can be sued for wrongful death either because they failed to protect an individual’s safety or intentionally caused their death.

The most important thing to note about filing a wrongful death suit in Florida is that time is critical, you must act quickly. We at the Law Office of Jonah Wolfson understand that when a person is grieving the loss of someone they love it’s hard to think about a lawsuit, but in order to have a successful case you need to hire counsel as soon after the fatal event as possible.

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